Sonic Screwdriver


Hello! I'm Theta, John Smith, or Doctor! I'm a star soul, an alien in species. I'm a aspiring professional coder, and lover of all things space, alien, sci-fi and coding. I'm autistic, and have ADHD which both heavily affect how I act, behave, and communicate with others. I'm the current host of an OSDD-1b subsystem, called the T.A.R.D.I.S. Sub-Collective. My body age is 16 years of age. Our body is an Aries. My age differs though, being an alter. I'm usually somewhere between 2,000-8,000+

I'm an introject of the Doctor, from Doctor Who! Not any specific form, just the Doctor. I'm hyperfixated on space, aliens, conspiracy theories, and the like.
My dream is to work for something computers, or space. I'm hoping for Nasa, or something like that, but can't always do what we plan to, can we? I firmly believe in aliens and the like, seeing as I am one.

I'm a very complicated person at times. I'm very protective to those I care about, and won't let anything or anyone stand in the way between me and them. I can be a very fatherly person at times. I'm very caring, and loving and won't let my friends be upset without doing something about it. I'm not a passive type of person and will stand up for myself, and anyone I care about. I'm very firm in my beliefs and won't be persueded otherwise.
I don't let people come in between me and my friends, those who I care about are on the top of my priority list. If you mess with them, you're messing with me.
I like to see myself as someone who helps people. A healer, that's where my name comes from really! I don't like seeing living creatures hurt, or upset. I don't like fighting, and I don't like those who purposely hurt others. I'm very passionate and firm in the belief that those type of people are disgusting. Those who hurt, scar, abuse, and otherwise harm others for their own gain.
I firmly believe that violence is, for the most part, not needed in a lot of places. I don't like using violence, or agression against others. It just seems foolish of me, when there is a perfectly fine way to go about things without resorting to wars, fighting, or violence.